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    The inexhaustible air is the best cooling agent. Although it is hard to totally avoid “pollution”, it can be relieved to some extent. As the initial manufacturer of product series AH/AW/AL, COOLBIT has adopted the concept of creating products that are “air-cleaning, energy-saving and environmental-friendly” since the company was founded in 2000 in Taiwan. After years of development, the concept has absorbed humanistic care as an additional pursue.



Originating from Europe, the plate-fin structure is composed of a plate and double fins, one inside and the other outside. As the best air-cooling heat exchanger in the world in its construction features and high efficiency, the structure is widely used in wind-driven generators, engineering vehicles, oil-hydraulic systems and other industrial equipments. As the forerunner of air-cooling market, COOLBIT supplies not only the products of stable performance and high efficiency but also air-cooling heat dissipation solutions tailored for specific users. COOLBIT can be called the leading integrator in air-cooling industry.

The products of COOLBIT can satisfy various industrial demands including applications in fixed equipments and mobile equipments. In order to satisfy different demands of the users, All of the product series are equipped with alternating current(AC), direct current(DC), and oil-hydraulic and anti-explosion motors. COOLBIT abides by the notion of energy-saving and environmental-friendly and carries out complete quality control means. Having been approved by Conformite Europende(CE), and with our sales network spreading to Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, Japan, our products have been sold to different countries and regions around the world.